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Reach consumers whenever and wherever they are searching

Mobile Search is skyrocketing. With 85% of Americans owning a cell phone and the increasing adoption of SmartPhones, iPads and other tablets, industry experts estimate that mobile platforms will play an increasing role in how consumers search online.

As consumers increasingly rely on their mobile devices for search, businesses must factor Mobile Search into their advertising and marketing plans. Mobile searchers are a highly engaged audience often looking to fulfill an immediate need. The most popular search activity is calling the business (62%), followed by accessing maps/directions (35%).

These highly motivated consumers typically generate click-through rates that are much higher than typical search. CommNet can help you tap this growing segment of the digital landscape.

Paid Mobile Search

Traditional banner or display advertising are useful branding tools. Pay per Click and Pay per Call pricing models are also available through several mobile platforms

Text Messaging

The ability to reach the right consumer with the right message at the right time is critical to the success of any marketing program. Geo-Targeted Digital Messaging provides a fast, economical way to reach a segment of your target market while providing a great ROI.

Send and manage MMS & SMS text campaigns delivering cost effective, instant and personal marketing messages.

  • Text alerts and messages
  • Appointment reminders
  • Emergency Notifications
  • Mobile Coupons

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