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Build community and strengthen consumer interest in your brand

According to the 2011 Social Media Marketing Industry Report, 71% of marketers who are using social media as part of their overall marketing efforts increased traffic to their websites. About 51% of these firms indicated they generated qualified leads for their efforts. Social Marketing provides businesses access to low cost media channels, precise targeting, the ability to reach highly engaged consumers and a rapid response platform. Put CommNet Marketing to work for your business and stay connected to your target consumers everyday.


Facebook advertising is a lead generation tool that does not compete with Google or other paid search campaigns. Unlike "Search" that targets categories or keywords, Facebook provides businesses the opportunity to target consumers by the topics the audience is interested in, instead of what they are looking to buy.

Reviews & Social Mentions

Ratings and Reviews play a key role in local search. Search Engines allow customers to post reviews about your business on their sites. With CommNet's Listing Review & Social Mentions services, you can see what is being said about you almost as soon as it happens, providing you the ability to react quickly to any negative comments. By doing so, you improve the overall customer experience. CommNet's services deliver the following benefits:

  • Useful snapshot of consumer sentiment by location
  • Compare yourself to competition in your business category
  • One integrated database

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