Three Ways Search Engine Optimizers Can Improve Local Web Marketing

Three Ways Search Engine Optimizers Can Improve Local Web Marketing

According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, small businesses account for 54% of all U.S. sales, online and off. Especially for small businesses with a brick-and-mortar store, that rely mostly on their local customers to generate revenue, properly using local internet advertising is the key to improving business sustainability and staying afloat.

While many small business owners try to do their own marketing, Search Engine Journal writes that only a staggering 15% of businesses feel that their in-house web internet marketing is effective.

Of course, to be successful in this digital age, no company can afford to give up -- or to rely on their ineffective in-house marketing efforts forever. Luckily, search engine optimizers at reputable internet marketing firms are available to improve natural search engine optimization and local listing management.

How Can Professional Search Engine Optimizers Help?

  • Mobile is Key to Local SEO

    According to Google, 94% of smartphone users (who account for almost 50% of all Americans) have used their smartphones to search for local information. Of those searches, 84% of results have caused web users to take action. With 57% of smartphone users searching the web for local information at least once a week, it's quite clear that optimizing web presence for mobile users is critically important. Professional search engine optimizers at internet advertising firms know exactly how to optimize each and every page to better cater to the mobile market.

  • Grow Your Citations

    As Forbes writes, one of the best ways to grow local listing SEO presence is by growing the number of citations a business has around the web. A citation, quite simply, is just a listing of the company's name on other webpages. Forming business partnerships, sponsoring charities that list sponsors on their website, and utilizing social media, as 80% of all business do, is a great way to grow citations. Reputable search engine optimizers can help develop a strategy that will lead to more citations, and subsequently, to more local visibility.

  • Make Sure Your Important Information is Present

    As with any form of online search engine optimization, local SEO requires businesses to be smart about the type of keywords they use, content generated, and syndication. With local SEO, however, the density of keywords and important information is a little more important. As the Huffington Post writes, listing important business information, a business phone number and address, on every page, regardless of whether it's a blog post or an "About" page, is crucial to getting a business noticed by local users.

Search engine optimization is important, regardless of whether a business is an international conglomerate or a one-store operation in a small town. Arguably, however, it is much more important for the local business than it is for companies with huge marketing machines behind them. With search engine optimizers, small, local businesses can find the help they need -- and the customers they deserve.