Why is Local Listing Management So Important, and How Can Businesses Improve?

Why is Local Listing Management So Important, and How Can Businesses Improve?

The most important way to get noticed in the digital age is through search engine optimized marketing campaigns. Indeed, as Gartner writes, American businesses are expected to spend 11.5% of their total yearly revenue on digital marketing in 2013. With more and more Americans connecting to the web every day, and 78.1% are already connected, according to Internet World Stats, businesses need to find ways to improve their internet marketing promotion.

For small businesses especially, learning the best search engine optimization techniques, those they can implement cheaply and effectively, is crucial to success in an evermore competitive world. Local listing management is the best way for small businesses to improve their local internet advertising and improve their revenues.

What is Local Listing Management?

Local listing management, as defined by Search Engine Land, is the method of making a business appear in more local search engine result pages. If you find yourself asking yourself why that's more important for a small business than general SEO, then consider the following statistics. According to Google, 94% of smartphone users - who constitute 85% of general consumers - use search engines to find local information. As a direct result, 90% turn those search results into an action. Some call the business, some make a purchase, but whatever they do, it results in leads for local businesses.

How to Improve Local Listing Management

  • Optimize Your Location Data

    According to Search Engine Land, one of the best ways to improve local listing management is by optimizing your location data. Specifically, this means making sure that every page features your name, address, and phone number in the same location and format. When Google, Bing!, and other search giants want to verify your identity, this is an important step in gaining credibility.

  • Build Local Marketing Pages

    As the Huffington Post suggests, completing local pages for your business means generating a lot more local traffic. Google Places, Facebook, Yahoo! Local, and other services give you free, easy ways to build a local business page that can help with local listing management.

  • Use A Web Internet Marketing Firm

    As with any form of marketing, not every business has the in-house ability to effectively implement local listing management. With a local listing SEO firm, all companies can improve their local SERP results - and their revenue.

Improving local listing management is crucial to the success of small businesses that rely on local traffic to their brick-and-mortar stores. Having said that, implementing better management doesn't have to be difficult. With the use of these three tips, any small business can find ways to thrive, online and off.