Why is Search Engine Optimized Design, Content So Important?

If you've found yourself searching Google for tips and tricks on how to implement better internet marketing promotion, you've no doubt seen the term "SEO" pop up repeatedly across different websites. SEO, which stand for Search Engine Optimization, is the method by which website design and content creation are tailored in order to be noticed on big search engines, like Google, Bing!, and Yahoo!. Many marketers use it as an umbrella term to describe any method that will bring more revenue to your business online.

Search engine optimized content and design are more important than ever. Consider that eCommerce in the United States, according to Forbes, is expected to grow by 16.4% by the end of 2013. Many online retailers have seen their mobile commerce grow by as much as 90% this year alone. Search engine optimized internet advertisements, whether in the form of a blog post or a well-designed website, are the keys to earning some of the ever growing eCommerce dollars floating around out there.

Why is Search Engine Optimized Design Important?

  • Lower Bounce Rates

    As Search Engine Journal suggests, lowering your bounce rate is the key to making more money from your online ventures. A bounce rate refers to the percentage of visitors who will leave your website without bothering to look at any of your content. Low rates are acceptable and even unavoidable, but many find themselves struggling with bounce rates as high as 60 to 70%. Search engine optimization and responsive web design will allow your page to load across all browsers and create more aesthetically pleasing content, both of which are crucial for dropping bounce rates.

  • Greater Attention from the Mobile Market

    Statistics from KissMetrics show that 60% of all mobile users encounter at least one problem when trying to use a website. For example, 73% and 51%, respectively, say they've experienced a slow loading site or one that freezes. When you consider that 79% of mobile shoppers say they are unlikely to shop with companies who have poor website performance, having search engine optimized design is crucial to your success.

  • Why is Search Engine Optimized Content Important?

  • More Traffic Means More Revenue Potential

    According to Inbound Marketer, a company which uses a well-written blog with search engine optimized content will have 434% more indexed pages and 97% more quality links. Both of these are essential to having your website found by potential customers and, more importantly, earning the potential purchases that come with them.

  • A Nod to Local Listing SEO

    Did you know, according to Search Engine Land, 43% of Google's search traffic, over 430 million searches monthly, are searches for local businesses? If you're a local business owner who relies almost entirely on local foot traffic to your brick-and-mortar store, making sure every piece of content is search engine optimized can be crucial to your doors staying open.

Improving bounce rates, upping mobile marketing efforts, and writing more visible content for both local and internet-based consumers are all imperative if you want your business to get noticed in the expanding world of the Internet Age. If you're struggling to find these results yourself, remember that internet marketing specialists exist to fulfill your needs.